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About Us

Why Applehawks?

When people think college football in Washington, they think about the Cougars and the Huskies and the Apple Cup. To honor that tradition, we decided to reference that game as part of our website name. The “hawks” part is a greeting. When two strangers wearing Seahawks gear pass each other, there is a mutual camaraderie. Out of respect for each other and the team, the two will say “go Hawks” and carry on their way. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You say it to them, they will acknowledge you back. Here at applehawks, we understand these two concepts. Hence the name: applehawks.

Managing Editor

Zach Peterson started covering Washington sports teams as a writer for cover32 writing for the Seahawks division. It was shortly after when Peterson found himself as a managing editor for their Bengals page and as a co-editor for their Rams division. Peterson has since decided to return to his love of football and Washington and begin following the Huskies, Cougars, and Seahawks. Peterson’s work can still be found on cover32 and has been featured on Yahoo! Sports.

Want To Write For APPLEHAWKS?

Are you wanting to break into the field and don’t know where to start? Join APPLEHAWKS and get a jumpstart on your future career. We are always looking for new aspiring writers. Just fill out the CONTACT US form and let us know that you want to join the team. Here is what you can expect:

  • Step 1: Introduction to APPLEHAWKS. The goals and expectations
  • Step 2: Sample article. “Prove it” article between 400 – 1,400 words regarding the Seahawks, Cougars or Huskies. It can be an opinion piece, game recap, interview, etc.
  • Step 3: Introduction to the team if you qualify for further instructions. Do not feel discouraged if we respectfully decline your request.
    • You may always submit new work to try to join the team.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not paying additional writers. You will be considered freelance. As the website site picks up and we start picking up advertisers, there may be an opportunity for compensation for your hard work.

Future goals

We want to start monetizing the site and setting up a scholarship fund for students to go to UW or WSU. If you feel inclined to donate, please contact us.