The Seattle Seahawks have caught a slight break in the backfield with both Shaquill Griffin and Earl Thomas back on the field. Thomas has been battling a heel injury the last few days, but head coach Pete Carroll has downplayed the injury saying it is “…no big deal.”

When Thomas injured his foot, it was thought that the Seahawks were being extra cautious not to push him in preparations for their matchup against the Eagles. With Boom members Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman currently out for the season, it would be devastating if the Seahawks saw their third member go to the sidelines due to injury. Thomas has already been out this year due to a hamstring injury against the Cardinals during Thursday Night Football. He is one of the few Legion of Boom members to continue playing this season. This is the second season Thomas has been injured and missed multiple weeks.

Losing Thomas could have been disastrous. The Eagles are already one of the top offensive units in the NFL, 1st in points, and are currently 3.5 point favorites. On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles are a dominant force being top 10 in total yards, rushing yards, points and 3rd down %. If the Seahawks want to have a chance to stay in this game and potentially win, they will need Thomas directing the defense.